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muse, interrupted
17 August 2005 @ 11:14 pm
1. First ever fandom dream last night. That is, it's the first time fictional characters have invaded my dreams. ST: Voyager, mostly Janeway and Chakotay, with some other fucked up stuff in there. I thought about writing it down when I woke up, then decided I didn't want the weirdness of my subconscious on public record. Is this the point where I can conclude I've been reading too much damn fanfic?

2. Jude Law's cock. That is all.
muse, interrupted
17 August 2005 @ 04:12 pm
Doesn't quite have the same ring to it as State of the Union, but it'll do for my purposes.

Just flagging up a wee change of direction for this currently languishing journal. This was my fandom journal, when fandom meant HP, then I went off abroad where the combination of low amounts of web access, always, always using computers in public and almost always having someone reading over my shoulder because "ooh, shiny, English stuff" meant my fandom time was soon none-existant, and actually...I didn't miss it too much. And now, well, I don't really have any HP stories I want to tell, and I don't have the energy to get back into fandom actively (which really means writing), especially not with the final year of my degree coming up.

What I do miss, however, is writing full stop. And having also recently rediscovered Star Trek (thank god for Sky One reruns *g*), I kinda want to focus on other things for a while. So, expect more original writing (mostly reponses to those daily15 style communities), expect a bit of Star Trek, expect perhaps very small amounts of HP, expect me talking about movies and such that I've seen and liked. If you're not loving it, feel free to defriend. After a year teaching reluctant French teenagers English, I assure you that my ego can take it. *g*

And the real life is still happening, over at jess_strasbourg

So, yes. I'm back. Sort of.
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muse, interrupted
16 July 2005 @ 09:25 am
Got home at 12.30. Starting reading 1am. Finished reading 4.09am. Have slept a little, and now present you with my collected thoughts.


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muse, interrupted
16 July 2005 @ 12:37 am
Nothing for months, then three in a day. Go read my new fic if you didn't yet!

Have The Book, will read. Going to go curl up and, well, read. See y'all in the morning, kids :D

muse, interrupted
15 July 2005 @ 09:35 pm
I wasn't really all *that* excited till about 10 mins ago. Tis now 9.30pm here in England, and I am a big ball of wibble and excitement, looking forward to heading down the shops in half an hour in search of HBP. *squee*

Will then be staying up to read as am student who is expert in all nighters. Dammit, if I can stay awake doing some godawful essay, I can stay up and read something I actually want to read, no probs.

Anyone still out there?
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muse, interrupted
I doubt any of you really remember me...let's just say RL has been completely unrelenting these past six months. However, most of the trauma is retreating, and I'm eagerly awaiting HBP. I also signed up for the Freeverse challenge (freeversefic), and so am presenting the fruits of my labour. This a Velvet Goldmine piece - Velvet Goldmine being, for the unaware, a fabulous movie all about Glam Rock. This is a gen fic, looking at Arthur in the wake of the end of the film. This is the first thing I've written in ages, and I suspect it shows. Nonetheless, here it is.

Name/lj name: Jess/moonfruituk
Title of story: Dark Dreams of the Past
Fandom: Velvet Goldmine
Pairing(s): None (Arthur gen)
Disclaimer: VG belongs to whoever it belongs to. No infrigement intented. Etc etc.
Poetry snippit:If no one wants to make a home with me
Then I will make a home with myself
And wait for someone
To plant the flowers outside my window
And make me pudding

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muse, interrupted

You Are The Wayfarer Guide
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Your deep insight and quick wisdom never ceases to amaze those around you. You are the guiding light for many of those you know and are not afraid to help anyone else who asks. Not very many acknowledge your tremendous help and effort, but you do not mind that so much. You've seen what is in store for them, and will be there should they need your help. You enjoy people in general, but are very selective of who you let see the real you. Others see you as an enigma of sorts, a mystery that is seemingly ever changing.

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muse, interrupted
31 March 2005 @ 12:31 am
So, for those who have not yet noticed, somniesperus has updated the Tea Series with part six, Possession. Which is fabulous, and woo and yay, and I am looking forward to reading. BUT because I connect from school, the stupid Académie has stupid blocking software up which, as you may have guessed, blocks the sit. Thus, if someone could send me Possession as a .txt file to moonfruit@gmail.com, I would love you forever and ever and ever. Thank you my lovelies.

Also, there are a couple of essay type things in the works, but they're not quite ready yet. It's proving incredibly hard to stay connected to fandom this year - there's an awful lot going on in my life, which when combined with very limited internet access, means that I miss you guys!!

ETA: the lovely ptyx has kindly sent me the file...thank you! :)
muse, interrupted
17 February 2005 @ 02:19 pm
So, yes. It could be that I am generally clueless and have missed some massive kerfluffle...but where did andropotterist go? It's all crossed out and stuff...

Big love to all.
muse, interrupted
11 February 2005 @ 10:47 pm

Arthur Miller, RIP.

This makes me incredibly sad - along with Tennessee Williams, Miller is one of my all-time favourite dramatists, simply because he wrote plays that pulled you along with them, and that showed you something about people. Every single time I've seen one of his plays on stage, I've had that desire to want to do something to stop the situation the characters find themselves in, because what he writes can be so awful, and it's awful because it's true. Because he shows you how the American Dream is rotten and twisted, and ordinary people trying to work out life, and just, yeah. He rocks, and I'm so sad that such a talent has gone.